Proud to be in the Top 20% for REALTORS® in Contra Costa County.

With over 20-years of sales and marketing experience my passion is to help others find a way to become a property owner or maximize their current investment.

As one of the few natives of Contra Costa County I know the area, schools and traffic patterns. Let my experience help you with your home search. I sell homes, not houses.

A little about me.

A little about me. I love to travel, write and cook. So far I have been to 51 countries and counting. Each country I go to I try and take a cooking class. You learn so much more about the people and culture when you learn about their food. Yep that’s me eating a bug in Vietnam (I lost a bet). In Paris I’m learning to make appetizers and in Turkey going to the public market then to cook what we bought! The camel ride in the Sahara was a highlight. I have made lifelong friends along the way. One good friend I met in the Outback of Australia in 1986 and we are still friends. They live in New Zealand and we see each other often. Enjoy the video of Milford Sound.

I am a very creative person and sew for a hobby, quilts mostly. We meet once a week in Danville and women from all walks of life take part. I’ve even sold a house or two from this group.

Lastly, I enjoy writing. I meet up with another group of women once a week for a creative writers workshop. I have had one short story published and have been officially turned down by Simon and Schuster Publishing. I have their rejection letter framed!

Then there are my pets.

Who am I kidding, pets are part of the family. I have had dogs, cats, rats, hamsters and one turtle. Now I have Dori, my electric blanket and alarm clock. She is WAY too smart for her own good, and I swear she understands English. I have a newsletter I put out once a month and she has her own column. Her articles are more popular than mine!

Giving Back to my community.

I’m very passionate about educating our generation and ensuring I leave a legacy for the generations that come after me. View some of the many organizations I work with and volunteer with.