Proud to be in the Top 20% for REALTORS® in Contra Costa County.

With over 20-years of sales and marketing experience my passion is to help others find a way to become a property owner or maximize their current investment.

As one of the few natives of Contra Costa County I know the area, schools and traffic patterns. Let my experience help you with your home search. I sell homes, not houses.

A little about me.

A little about me. I love to travel, write and cook. So far I have been to 51 countries and counting. Each country I go to I try and take a cooking class. You learn so much more about the people and culture when you learn about their food. Yep that’s me eating a bug in Vietnam (I lost a bet). In Paris I’m learning to make appetizers and in Turkey going to the public market then to cook what we bought! The camel ride in the Sahara was a highlight. I have made lifelong friends along the way. One good friend I met in the Outback of Australia in 1986 and we are still friends. They live in New Zealand and we see each other often. Enjoy the video of Milford Sound.

I am a very creative person and sew for a hobby, quilts mostly. We meet once a week in Danville and women from all walks of life take part. I’ve even sold a house or two from this group.

Lastly, I enjoy writing. I meet up with another group of women once a week for a creative writers workshop. I have had one short story published and have been officially turned down by Simon and Schuster Publishing. I have their rejection letter framed!

Then there are my pets.

Who am I kidding, they are part of the family. Growing up we had the world’s worst behaved dog, but we didn’t know because he was our first pet ever. Let’s just say he was the Alpha. Now I have Morie, my trusty steed. I have a newsletter I put out once a month and he has his own column. His articles are more popular than mine!

Giving Back to my community.

I’m very passionate about educating our generation and ensuring I leave a legacy for the generations that come after me. View some of the many organizations I work with and volunteer with.


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